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!!FallenStar Button!!

I finally have my own button!

I really wanna build up my Stamps&Links page, so if any of you have a button and would wanna be displayed on my site, message me through my chat, guestbook, or email! Anyone who displays my button will be linked on my site!

Why I've been inactive


What going on guys! I have wanted to be more active but I have been swamped with school lately! But I wanna talk about why I have not been as active as I want to be. The main reason is that I got a new computer and dont have the original .html files for my website. I plan on trying to get them back or recreating them, but I just havent had the time yet. For now I am just writing right into the files on neocities but I dont love doing that because then I dont have back ups. So until I get things fully figured out, I wont be super active.
That being said, I still look at my email and check my site so I am not completely AFK!



Hey yall... I know I said I would be more active but school and life has made me pretty busy. I am gonna be updating some of my pages today so be sure to check out my music&media page and blog!!
I would also like to thank everyone who have left me comments, notes, or checked out my guestbook! It really means a lot to me

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!
Sorry having not been so active. I got a new computer, started university, and was just overall super busy. I hope I can be a bit more active this year! 2020 was by no means a great year. But as bad as things got, I found so many things to be grateful for. I have learned so much about life and myself. I have had some of my lowest moments and also some of my highest ones as well! I hope to continue to learn and become better this year. Maybe I should make a post about some of my new years resolutions?
I'll talk to you soon!

Site Update


I've just posted about my newest video game obsession in the music&media page! I truely cant stop playing...

Site Update


I got some new posts on my virtual highschool graduation and the new Killer Bean Movie! I've also made a few site updates and added a few blinkies!
I hope everyone is doing well!

Thank you!!


Hey Everyone!
Thank you SO much for the over 2000 views in a week since opening! It makes me so happy to know that people are reading/visiting my site! I really did not expect that to happen so fast! So thank you from the bottom of my heart <3
xoxo, Nix

Site Update


Hey Guys!
I have updated my blog with a shrine to my local movie theater and my music&media page with a review of potentially one of the best movies in cinamatic history. Definately go check those out. Anyway, I hope everyone is staying safe at this time, and please remember to BE KIND!



Today is my offical launch day for my site!

Grand opening

Just about all of the main frame work and links are up, so feel free to explore! I already have a blog post up on the SpaceX launch yesterday and am posting a Palaye Royale album review for The Bastards, so check those out!

I also have my email open -- mytinyfallenstar@gmail.com -- so if you are interested in becoming friends or have any questions comments and concerns, totally hit me up!

Even though the site is open, continue to look for updates and changes! I already have a ton of things planned!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you decide to stick around!!

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I'm hoping to keep my site anonymous... so for now just call me Nix

Zodiac: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Pastel Pink & Blue, & Black
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Likes: Guitar, Piano, Singing, Journaling, Guitar Hero, Sims, Oversized Hoodies, Terrible Movies, Cartoons, & Doing Voice Over


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